Five things to memorize in mind while you send flowers to Kenya

Kenya is a country with colorful meadows and green gardens. There are a lot of flowers in Kenya, but when you are residing in other nations and want to send flowers to your relatives who are living in Kenya, you have to choose other ways. Sending flowers to your loved ones is although an expression of love, but it gets complicated, and most people get stuck and can’t find a proper way to do so. Sending cute valuable flowers brings smiles on a lot of faces and boosts up the mood of the person to whom you are sending the flowers. If you are living in any other country and want to send flowers to Kenya, the best and the most widely used method is sending them through an online store. With the introduction of e-commerce and online delivery services, the process of sending flowers to your loved ones has potentially become easier. There are a lot of online stores that are offering flower delivery to Kenya. You can look up for them by searching for International Flower Delivery Kenya web stores.

When you send flowers in Kenya through some online source, you must keep in mind the following points.

Always go for a reliable source

Flower delivery in Kenya is possible due to many stores present online. However, choosing a reliable and safe source to send flowers in Kenya is important. When you order flowers online, you must be aware of the scammers. Instead of looking for cheap services, you should go for well known and reliable stores. Ask your friends and close ones about the services they are using. This helps you make a right decision for your flower delivery to Kenya.

Choose wisely

Always choose wisely. Always choose seasonal and fresh flowers. Choose your colors carefully. Don’t fall for temptations and choose the gifts you want to send correctly.

Get the payment done on time

When you send flowers online in Kenya or any other countries through online stores, always make the payment on time. Most online stores work on advanced payment method. To make sure timely flower delivery in Kenya, always pay the amount on time.

Provide the correct address

If you have planned to send flowers online to Kenya, the most important thing to do is send the address of the receiver. Always make sure you write right address. If the provided address is wrong, the companies take no responsibility. You should be careful while filling all the details in the form while ordering.

Place the order on time

To send flowers and gift on a special occasion like birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year or any other event, always place the order at least 2-3 before the event. Usually, on occasions like Christmas and New Year, the online stores and florists get busy because of the increase in the number of orders and most florists stops getting orders. To make sure your order reaches on time, always place your order on time. Place your order before the occasion to make sure the timely delivery. Visit

How Should you Use the online Shopping Platform to Reap Benefits?

A large number of people, even when at a super market will not buy a few items because they get more value for it through buying it online. Yes, there are a number of other benefits attached to online shopping as well, but getting superb value is definitely the best selling point. However, once you do realize how much money and effort you are saving, you will not want to shop at a store again.

However, shopping for the best deals online is an art, and you have to learn how to pick the best offers and do not pay attention to the rest. A guide below will help you make the best of your time and energy invested.

1. Always look for the best Price:

Since you are new at the use of this platform, you should ideally not start with a high ticket item. Simply because you will not have to feel that bad. Often what happens is, most shoppers who are in a hurry, will just check one or two websites and will pick the one that is cheaper. You will be amazed at the deals you can get by using comparison websites that help you arrive at the website that is offering the cheapest quote. Being aware of a few websites that do offer cheap rates could help you get a great bargain every time.

2. Reviews:

Make sure that you read up on as many consumer reviews as you can about popular websites. So that you have a good idea of which website can offer you value. When you read consumer reviews about products or services that you may want to buy off the net, you get a true picture of the service and therefore it is easier for you to weigh the pros and cons and buy a good product from a good manufacturer or retailer. Consumer reviews help you understand if you are buying a product that will live up to your expectations.

3. Discount coupons:

One of the best ways to get immense value online is to always have coupons handy. If you are regular shopper at some websites, then you can find them easily. However, when you find the price of an item that may be cheap on a particular website that you have never shopped at, you could simply look for coupon codes online and you will find them easily if you are shopping with even a not so popular retailer. There are a number of great websites online that can give you access to coupons and will direct you to the websites as well, a few of them are listed below:

Coupon Craze

Wow Coupons

Coupon Winner


Coupon Mountain

4. Look for free Shipping:

You may be surprised how many retailers online will ship you a product for free. When you look for products on comparison sites, you can also make your search easier. Also you could choose to avail of a feature where you were to pick up the ordered items from the store and therefore it will save you the hefty shipping costs that some retailers charge.

Ring It Up! Understanding Online Shopping Carts

Business web sites can be broadly categorized into two types: those which exist purely for disseminating and/or collecting information and those which make sales.

There’s nothing wrong with the first type; for some businesses it may not make sense to do selling or take payments online. For instance a house painter could book appointments online but can’t really price or sell his services online.

Most businesses, however, could benefit from making sales and taking payments online. Those sales might be strictly supplementary such as a veterinarian who also sells a line of pet care products or they might be the main staple of the business such as a graphic designer who works from home making web pages.

The one thing that all income producing web sites have in common is a shopping cart; some way to actually accept payments.

Features of online shopping carts

By now, pretty much every man woman and child in america has purchased something online. You may or may not have stopped to consider all the functions that a shopping cart performs.

Keep a tally of the items a customer purchases. By doing this in the background, it allows customers to keep shopping and adding items to the cart until they are ready to check out.

Automatically remember the “contents” of each customer’s cart. This memory is configurable and can last only as long as the customer’s session is active, it can last a predetermined number of hours or days or it can last indefinitely.

Allow customers to update quantities and/or remove items from the cart.

Automatically calculate sales tax, where applicable.

Offer one or more shipping options and automatically calculate shipping charges for the option selected.

Accept discount codes and automatically apply the correct discount.

Display a total (plus usually subtotals) so customers know how much they are paying.

Accept one or more forms of payment:
Credit cards
Debit cards
Direct debit from a bank account
Online payment services (Paypal, BillMe, etc)
Corporate or government purchase order

Perform currency conversion as needed. In some cases even accepting payment in multiple currencies for the convenience of your buyers.

Display and/or issue a receipt. The best will both display as well as send a receipt to the customer’s email address.

Send order and payment details to the merchant (you). Most will also send the customer information they collected.

Perform order fulfillment:
For electronically downloadable purchases (ebooks, streaming audio/video, membership subscriptions, etc. )#) the cart will deliver the final product.
For physical goods and services, the cart will format and print shipping labels or work orders.
That’s a lot of stuff!

Where to get a shopping cart

These are complex and highly specialized pieces of software. For that reason, it’s generally best to use a hosted service rather than purchase, install and own dedicated software. If you do want to purchase and install your own software, eCommerce Templates has one of the best packages available.

There are many shopping cart service providers. One of the more well-known stand-alone service providers is 1ShoppingCart.

Or you could sign up with a more all-inclusive merchant web site hosting service like 3Dcart or Shopify. These are essentially web site hosting providers which also provide all the amenities needed for eCommerce as part of your standard account.

If you have a very low volume of sales or are just starting out, you could also use a “free” service such as those hosted by Paypal, Amazon, Google and others. Recognize that these are not really free and charge a rather substantial (on a percentage basis) fee for each transaction.

Cost and fee structure

The cost of an online shopping cart varies based on features and sales volume. In general, there are two components to the fee structure:

A base fee, which ranges from free to several hundred dollars per month, and
A per-transaction fee for each sale made.
Lower base fees typically equate to higher per-transaction fees and vice-versa. Only you can determine whether your volume of online sales and average sale amount would make one fee structure more attractive than another.

As your business grows and changes, so can your merchant account.

Customized interface

The non-integrated hosting services such as 1ShoppingCart allow you to customize the appearance of the checkout pages. So even though they are hosting the shopping cart software on their own servers the colors, text, images and other visual elements make it indistinguishable from your own site’s pages. This gives your customers a seamless buying experience.

The third-party providers also send all the buying information back to you. They never store or record it for their own purposes. (Except credit card numbers and related validation information. Laws regarding the safeguarding of this information are strict enough that you are better off letting them handle it. )#)

Get selling!

Whichever type of solution you use, the listing process is pretty simple. You just enter a few pieces of information such as a unique item number and description, some pricing information and perhaps a link to some photos or an online catalogue page. Within minutes, you can have your first few items up for sale.

The reason why Pawnshops That Buy Electronics Are Popular

Shopping in pawnshops that buy electronics is starting to become popular. The economy nowadays calls for finding ways to save money as much as possible. Using coupons, buying only during sale are some ways to scrimp on money. And now, shopping in pawnshops is becoming a lot more popular.

Because people are willing to purchase items at pawnshops, pawnshops are keen on acquiring electronics from customers. Common pawned items electronics are television, computer, iPods, DVD players, PSP, mobile phone, digital cameras as well as other game consoles. When pawning these items, bring all the accessories and also the remote controls and chargers. Bring all things that are included in the box. Pawnshop means quick loans. It is very convenient; pawnshop owners and their staff are very friendly and helpful. Besides electronics, pawnshops also buy gold, silver, diamonds, artwork as well as jewelry. Some people even pawn their gold teeth. Gold always gets a high loan value.

Don’t be afraid when dealing with pawnshops. The good thing about pawnshops is they won’t sue you if you fail to pay off your loan. You do not have to worry about collection agencies pestering you in your homes or in workplace. Pawnshop loans are nearly all state-regulated, and ‘finance charges’ may vary from 4 % monthly to 25 % monthly. Some states charge an additional service charge per month. In a number of states, the maximum interest rate is 4 % monthly, and a service charge is up to $10. Do not hesitate to ask the pawnshop if there are terms that you do not understand. Have them explain all of terms with you. You should be able to understand and accept all the fees in the pawn ticket. Pawnshops are regulated by federal laws. Check the website of your state to make sure you’re covered and protected in all your transactions.

If you want to get back your pawned item, make sure to keep your pawn ticket. The pawn ticket contains the maturity date, the item description, interest rate and other terms of the loan. You would not want to pay extra money for a lost ticket. Keep it in a safe place. Note the due date of your loan. Better to mark it on your calendar. If you have the money days before the due date, do not wait until the last day of claiming your item, pay back your loan as soon as possible. You will also save on interest rate by doing so. If it is a family heirloom, the more you need to be mindful of your loan details.

Even though you think that your item has a high value, you might not get the expected loan amount. This is because the pawnshop takes into consideration different factors when computing for the loan amount. After all, pawnshop is a business just like every other establishment. They also need to protect themselves. If there is a surplus of similar items in the pawnshop, it may lower the loan amount because they will have a difficulty disposing the items. The usual loan period is 120 days. Some pawnshops loan about a third of the amount they think they’ll get when they sell it.

Owners of pawnshops that buy electronics hire well trained staff. They keep up with the trends and the market trends. It is prerogative for them to know the resell value of the items. Those staff with years of experience are already equipped with the skill and sense of the items’ worth. Amateur staff relies on books, but experienced ones also rely on other pawnbrokers.

Price Comparison Shopping – The Smart Way to Shop

Like other services, shopping too has evolved a lot over a period of time. Few decades earlier, the only way by which one can shop was to physically go to a market and search for her or his favourite item. This process involved a lot of physical movement on part of shoppers. Moreover, while going to a market place, one often used to get stuck in traffic jams and also had brave heavy rainfall or hot sun at times. Besides this, one also has to move through the narrow lanes of bazaars with both of his hands loaded with purchased items.

Internet connectivity has drastically changed the concept of shopping. It has made the world a truly global village. An individual who has access to internet connectivity can shop from anywhere in the world without leaving the confines of her or his home. All that an individual has to do is to search for online stores and look for the items he is interested to buy. Many of these online stores also feature price compare function on their portals. This function allows one to compare the price of an item at different online stores.

Many people these days prefer to shop online. They avoid going to a shopping mall, and most of their shopping is done over the internet or telephones. Price comparison shopping has opened new venues to shoppers. The online stores sell almost anything and everything that an individual may be looking for. Be it electronic goods, clothings, kitchen appliances or music CDs, these stores are full of various household items. Online shopping also helps one save money in many ways. Since the individual is not physically present at a shopping mall, it also saves him from the habit of impulse buying. Moreover, one can compare the price of the items he is interested in at leisure before placing an order for its purchase.

Moreover, price comparison shopping give one true value for his or her money. The online stores post updated information on their various deals and services on their websites. One can easily scan the site and opt for a deal that he thinks is best for him. The price compare feature of these stores would be of particular benefit to an individual who wants to get best value for his money. Such a person can find many items on these sites that are priced significantly below their average market price.

There are many online shops with price compare feature that specialise in particular types of items like mobile phones, electronic goods and furnishings. Most of these shops sell all types of items of domestic use and also allow their customers to compare the prices of those items. The items sold by these shops are generally priced below their maximum retail price (MRP) in the markets. These shops are able to sell these items at low price as they have tie ups with the manufacturers. Thus they eliminate various dealers in the supply chain that allows them to sell the goods at a lower rate than their MRP.

Price Comparison shopping is good for consumers as it allows them to get almost all items of domestic use at a much lower rate than their market price. The goods sold by the online retailers are guaranteed by their manufactures. Moreover, many of these retailers generally deliver the goods at the consumers address without charging anything extra for the same.

It is always beneficial to purchase goods after comparing their prices. Most of the online retailers display information related to their latest offers on their portals. They also feature products according to their categories like domestic appliances, music CDs and cameras etc. The user can always find his favourite brand of item on the retailers portals by narrowing his search in a particular category. One can also read the reviews of other users at the portals of many such retailers to get an authentic feedback about the performance of products. Online shopping is good for users as it gives them multiple benefits. This shopping is particularly useful for those who are always short of time as it saves them a lot of time. One need not physically visit each and every store to shop online.

Xmas Shopping from Eastbourne

Xmas Shopping within Eastbourne

Why don’t you head with regard to Eastbourne this particular Christmas, it has all you need in 1 place along with abundant buying and designed nights, in addition to a great seafront, boat dock and marina, what more would you need?

There’s a wide as well as varied choice of shopping obtainable in Eastbourne, which range from the city centre using the Arndale Center and encircling streets providing all of the key brands you can want, such as Marks as well as Spencer, Debenhams, Footwear, Millets, Goldsmiths, Following, River Isle and Best Shop and others.

If your own tastes are a bit more unique then your Little Chelsea section of Eastbourne city centre supplies a wider selection of Boutique stores supplying from hand designed jewellery in order to designer clothing.

To help to make the centre more desirable one associated with Eastbourne’s primary shopping districts may be given the makeover ready for that busy Xmas retail period. Old railings happen to be removed, completely new maps set up, and light columns repainted to provide the area a brand new new really feel.

Eastbourne Unique Christmas buying events

There are an array of special buying events and night time opening nights in Eastbourne this particular Christmas.

The festivities start with the actual St Wilfred Hospice Xmas Shopping Weekend break on 3, four and 5 Dec.

The occasion starts along with ‘Little Christmas’ within Little Chelsea upon Friday night, 3rd Dec. Following it’s success this past year, both Grove Street and Southern Street is going to be closed in order to traffic once again and the region filled along with attractions as well as entertainment for the entire family, including festive drink and food, choir performing and reside music. The professional shops as well as boutiques will even remain open for any spot associated with late-night buying.

Sovereign FM, Eastbourne’s nearby radio train station, will maintain town through the weekend, from Little Chelsea about the Friday night. On Sunday and Weekend at Lenders Corner within the town center their best presenters is going to be on hands to amuse the crowds of people with enjoyable, games as well as competitions combined with the best songs.

There is going to be entertainment through local choirs, schools as well as bands about the stage and in the Railway Train station and Business Shopping Center. Mall performers could keep you entertained through the weekend within the Arndale Center.

The Business Centre is going to be serving their own traditional mulled wines and mince pies to any or all shoppers and Santa claus will end up being greeted through the magical sound from the Sovereign Performers singing Xmas Carols because he starts his grotto providing free playthings to each and every child that visits. They’ll also possess their fantastic reindeer again from 11am about the Saturday. Obviously the incredible unique buying experience, along with over 50 stores, will assist you in finding that unique gift or even tasty deal with for Xmas.

Once once again, local companies will compete within the Fancy Gown Competition with most of the town center shops as well as businesses engaging in costume and also the festive spirit to include fun as well as sparkle towards the town centre within the weekend occasion.

Father Christmas and also the reindeer march starts in the Cavendish Resort at close to 10. 15am then with the town towards the Enterprise Center where they’ll be from 11am in order to 2pm.

An incredible traditional Victorian design Funfair is going to be coming in order to Langney Street with video games, rides as well as fun for all your family. Try all of them and see that you simply enjoy probably the most.

The Ls Market includes over 50 stalls promoting delicious nearby Christmas treats and existing ideas. Festively outfitted, this marketplace will increase the festive feel from the event and it is open every day and may run through Bankers Part to TJ Hughes so be sure you don’t miss the great provides available. Amusement, with a unique stage region sponsored through Sterling Engines, will end up being outside TJ Hughes within Terminus Street and indicates more rings and entertainers is going to be performing than in the past.

Late Evening Shopping

There is sufficient time to get those Christmas presents in throughout Eastbourne’s night time opening unique evenings. The Arndale Center and most of the town center shops is going to be open past due every Thurs from eighteen Nov — 16 12 ,.

Sales within Eastbourne

The actual sales begin early within Eastbourne along with key shops starting their own sales upon Boxing Day time. The remaining sales start Monday 28 December

Boxing Day time Sales

Get an earlier glimpse from the sales because selected stores in Eastbourne open on Boxing Day such as the following from Eastbourne Arndale Buying Centre: Footwear 8. 30am in order to 6pm Following 7am in order to 7pm BHS 9am in order to 6pm Primark 9am in order to 6pm

Brand new Years Day time Sales Strike the product sales on Brand new Years Day time, as chosen stores within Eastbourne open including: Footwear 10. 30am in order to 4pm Following 10. 30am in order to 4pm Primark 10. 30am in order to 4pm Sainsburys 9am in order to 6pm BHS 10am in order to 5pm

Dealing with Eastbourne

Generating to Eastbourne

Eastbourne is actually conveniently situated for driving using the A27, A259 as well as A22 just about all taking a person there. Trip times, presuming no main delays, tend to be:

Ashford Worldwide (Eurostar) — 1 human resources 25 minutes
Brighton — 40 minutes
Dover — 1 human resources 50 minutes
Folkestone — 1hr forty mins
Gatwick Airport terminal – 1 human resources 10 minutes
Heathrow Airport terminal – 1 human resources 45 minutes
London — 2 hours
Newhaven — 25 minutes
Getting in order to Eastbourne through Train

Eastbourne offers regular teach services supplied by Southern Railways operating from morning hours until late through the night: Train trip times as well as costs differ slightly with respect to the time associated with day. Away Peak trip times tend to be:

Ashford Worldwide (Eurostar) — 1hr 7 minutes
Brighton — 32 minutes
Gatwick Airport terminal – fifty four mins
Hastings — 25 minutes
London Victoria — 1hr twenty six mins
Car parking in Eastbourne

Eastbourne has lots of parking obtainable, with seven hundred spaces within Eastbourne’s Arndale Centre Carpark and an additional 700 Spaces within the Junction Road carpark just a couple minutes walk in the centre. City Centre upon street car parking is spend and show, but there’s free out of control parking can be obtained if you’re willing in order to stroll a little further.

Coffee shop Interior: How Important Is the Design?

Your coffee shop interior design will be a key element to bringing customers into your shop and keeping them there. The theme you choose will greatly affect the feel your shop has and the type of customers who will be drawn in. Subtle design decisions could play a vital role in how a customer perceives your shop, so consider every visual aspect of what will be going into your shop.

Deciding on your Layout
Are your customers coming into your shop to work and study or are they there to socialize? Depending on your location and the type of traffic you’ll be getting, your coffee shop interior should be geared toward the appropriate crowd. An open layout is best suited for a shop where people will be doing a lot of socializing in, whereas a closed layout with secluded areas is ideal for customers who’d like to work or study without a lot of distraction.

Staples of a Coffee Shop Interior
There are certain elements that every coffee shop must have such as furniture, coffee mugs, and display counter but that doesn’t mean their style should be overlooked. You’ll need tables and chairs for your customers, but you may also decide to offer couches for them to relax on as well. The cups and saucers you choose should also reflect the theme you’ve chosen for your coffee shop interior as they’re something every customer will see. As for your counters and serving areas, give your customers something to watch by keeping your baristas visible while they’re making the coffee.

Exterior Design
The outside of your business is just as important as the inside because this is the first thing customers will see. Table and chairs outside is always a nice option for customers on the warmer summer days. Your shop front and business sign should match your coffee shop interior in theme and decor. And of course, you don’t want to overlook the design of your website, store logo, or business cards. They may not be part of your interior, but extending your design theme to them will give your whole business a more unified quality.

Evolving Design
Just because you’ve opened your shop and customers have started coming in doesn’t mean you’re done customizing your coffee shop interior. Your regular customers and your staff may have opinions on the interior design so keep your ears open to any good suggestions they might give you. Having a decor budget may be a good idea if you want to keep your shop up to date and always fresh looking.

Be sure to keep all the little stuff in mind. The colours you choose can greatly affect the mood in your shop and even the shape of your tables might give the whole place a different feel. Giving yourself a healthy budget towards your coffee shop interior could make or break the success of your business.

Budget Tips – Understanding Comparison Shopping

The internet is awash with e-commerce websites, meaning that when it comes to shopping online, you are not short of choice. However, we are all working to a budget, in one sense or another and we all like to think that we are getting the best deal possible. Many of us therefore use price comparison services in order to find the best price, but this prudent logic typically goes out of the window when it comes to businesses shopping online.

In this article I am therefore going to investigate the role that high quality price comparison websites can have when it comes to saving businesses money. In this new age of austerity and cuts, every penny counts. Here is how you can make your businesses money go a little bit further.

When your business is looking to buy anything, from paperclips to printers, you could find yourself thinking “any price will do”. This way of thinking costs businesses £7 billion per year in the uk alone, according to the Guardian for Business. This is likely to be a prudent calculation – the reality is that businesses all around the world are overspending when cheaper prices are available. It’s unlikely that you have a supplier for everything your business needs, all the small and irregular purchases, such as pens, paper, calculators, coasters for the meeting room. These small purchases add up over the years, and with careful planning, and intelligent shopping, you will save a fortune.

The first step is to shop online, if you don’t need it immediately, don’t pay the premium. By shopping online you cut out the immediacy premium and your donation to shop floor staff, heating and a fancy high-street location. Both parties are happier, the online retailer can monitor stock far more easily, and you save money.

The next problem you face is finding the shop which can give you the best price. We all know that Google doesn’t show you results in price order. Google is driven by complex algorithms, relating to the number of inlinks your website has and the volume of substantive unique content. For online shops both of these ranking factors are hard to come by – e-commerce sites aren’t inherently structured to offer link bait for gaining easy links and they don’t typically have vast amounts of unique content. The result is that many online shops get lost in the Google maze, the result being that high PR sites like Wikipedia, social networks and popular content sites appear above shops. This makes online shopping frustrating and leads many people straight in to the arms of Amazon. Staff often make the mistake of hitting the first shop they see on Google and buying. They think they are saving time. In fact, they often miss out on the cheapest price, and also the opportunity to get the purchase just as quickly.

Road Shopping within Brussels

We enter a little chocolate store in among the lanes through the Grand Devote Brussels (Bruxelles). Though absolutely no attendant sometimes appears from outdoors, a blowing wind chime mounted on the doorway signals which somebody is within; the shopkeeper seems to our support. We tend to be enamored through this European type of greeting. We’re in Brussels, the administrative centre city associated with Belgium within Europe that’s also famous because of its vibrant buying markets, besides being the administrative centre city of europe.

Brussels abounds within shopping places. According towards the ministry associated with Economy as well as Employment from the Brussels, the city’s small geography and lots of shopping places, each along with specific attribute, make it possible for tourists to obtain around within. So, one can certainly reach the majority of the shopping areas very quickly from the actual hotel associated with stay. We discover three main streets on the walking circular trip within Brussels.

To start with shopping journey in Brussels, start with Repent Neuve, the particular pedestrian buying street and actually, the greatest one within Brussels, in the center of the city. With absolutely no vehicles allowed on the street, it provides a carefree space towards the walkers and something can appreciate shopping comfortably here. The road is full of clothing stores, fashion shops, perfumes, presents, music and much more such shops. At the actual north finish of Repent Neuve, there is a mall as well. City two, the only retail center in the heart of town, offers over 100 shops, plus coffee shops, bookstores and dining places.

Following the actual shops completely down Repent Neuve Street goes to the Stock market building in your right, and also you know you’ve reached the actual surroundings associated with Rue Dansaert in which the Romans started Brussels within the 10th hundred years. However, in contrast to its background, the region has just about all contemporary stores. The place is quite trendy along with Belgium designers’ shops, clothing as well as accessories stores and much more.

From Repent Dansaert it is worth walking several meters away in your left to achieve the Great Place (Grote Markt), the main square from the city the industry UNESCO Globe Heritage Site and it has tourists thronging it probably the most. The place is really a symbol associated with European history although not everyone knows it’s also an excellent shopping destination for that real Belgian mementos. The thin streets round the Grand Location is filled with small shops where one can get every thing that’s Belgian — from Belgian tapestries, Belgian laces, Belgian ales, Belgian candies and pralines in order to souvenirs associated with Manneken Pis, beer mugs as well as comic whitening strips of Tintin. Actually, Belgian tapestry shops have been in abundance only at that place. You will get full selection of home linen made from these tapestries. Even tapestry art and walls hangings alllow for a really worth buy. So when you obtain tired, munch upon some sea food dishes or even burgers in the street aspect restaurants which look really inviting. Additionally, it is within one of these simple streets exactly where Manneken Pis, the famous bronze statue of the urinating young man, lies.

In addition? The Great Place doesn’t allow you to stop. The Regal Galleries just from the Grand Place isn’t to end up being missed. It is a passageway put on in type of an surrounded portico with high ceilings. Walking about the cobbled pavements of those galleries along with shops, coffee shops, bookstores and terraced dining places on possibly side, imparts a classic world appeal. The area can also be suitable with regard to spending night with lots of local really feel and number of choices with regard to having meals. Most from the shops in the Grand Location are open up until 9 PM HOURS.

Be it for that traditional Belgian tapestries, Belgian laces, Belgian ales, souvenirs or even the fashionable clothes, Brussels’ road shopping is definitely an out-and-out encounter. And should you thought you’ve missed on anything during Brussels, treat your self with Belgian waffles together with some warm chocolate marinade.

Five Tips to Survive a trip to the Repair shop

We all have to take our cars or trucks in for repair from time to time, even I do since I don’t have a full shop set up at home. There are some basic things you can do to protect yourself and make sure you are getting the exact services you need, no more, no less, at the best price possible.

1. )#) Ask Questions: This seems like a no brainer but trust me it isn’t. I’m amazed at how many people just take what the service advisor says as gospel. If they say you need something done ask why, and keep asking why until you get an explanation you understand. If a service advisor can’t readily explain exactly whats wrong or why something is needed that should be an immediate red flag.

2. )#) Research: You don’t have to make a decision on the spot. Take a few minutes or more after you are given an estimate to examine it. Double check the parts prices with a local auto parts store, this is very easy these days as many people have cell phones that can easily navigate the web. Now keep in mind that the parts price from the repair shop is and should always be much higher than what a parts house will retail it for. This is normal and its supposed to be this way. After all the shop does need to be profitable, we just need to draw a line between a fair price and gouging. A good rule of thumb that is surprisingly accurate is to look at Autozone’s website, most of the time their retail price is very close to the shops cost on the part, now double that retail price and you should have a general idea of what the shop should be charging you. This isn’t foolproof, but works quite well for parts under the $100 range. I will get deeper into this topic in future posts.

Ok, so you have checked out the parts prices, but what about labor? Labor is a tough one. It’s much harder for the average customer to access a professional labor guide on their own. It’s also much easier for a shop to defend a high labor rate or time because of this. The first thing you can do is simply ask them what they use to determine the labor time. If they say Alldata or Mitchell that’s a good sign, at least they aren’t making up their own times. Next, you can always ask them to show you the labor guide so you can see for yourself. Another good option, but not practical in every instance is to utilize you local library. Most Public libraries have these professional labor guides available to anyone.

3. )#) Warranty: When I talk about this one a lot of people refuse to believe me, but I see this happen on a daily basis. If you don’t already know that something is still under the factory warranty the dealer may not volunteer that information. I see many cases where a dealership sends me an invoice for major repairs in the thousands of dollars range that are completely covered under warranty. So, make sure you at least ask the dealer to double check what is and isn’t covered. You can also search the web for TSBs (technical service bulletin) for your vehicle. Remember, it’s not in the dealers interest to spend a lot of time or effort in finding warranty coverage for you, the mechanics get less labor time on warranty repairs and most service writers make no commission on warranty work.

4. )#) Negotiation: No matter what they tell you there isn’t a shop out there that can’t haggle over price. In fact I would go as far to say you should never pay the original price they quote you. Use the information you gathered from the previously mentioned tips to negotiate a better price.

5. )#) Shop Supplies: Ughh, I hate shop supplies. They are just another way to add on a few more dollars to every ticket the shop writes up. Shop supplies are usually added at a rate of around 6% of the invoice total. Some shops have a cap on this fee, I usually see this cap at around $25 to $30. Beware shops that have no cap on this fee, you could pay a few extra hundred dollars on a major repair for nothing. Why do i hate shop supplies? Because its a way to raise prices without “raising prices”. When I go to the grocery store, they don’t charge me a fee for “store supplies” yet I’m sure they have many supplies they use on a daily basis to keep the store functioning. That’s part of the cost of doing business and its included in the price of the items I’m purchasing. Many shops will fight tooth and nail to keep shop supplies on the ticket. One reason for this I have found is franchise royalties. Many big name national chains are in fact franchises. The franchisee pays a royalty on every ticket back to the parent company. But guess what, “shop supplies” are exempt form these royalty fees in many cases and all the money is pure profit for the shop.