What Is the Significance of Wearing a Kada

A bangle is usually worn by a person when he/she becomes a devotee of the Lord. It is one of the signs that show that the devotee is blessed. These bangles are available in different type of metals, sizes and designs.  It is popular among both men and women.

Significance of bangle

The most common form of kada that is given to a devotee is of silver and copper. The copper portion of it denotes Lord Shiva, whereas the silver portion symbolizes Goddess Parvati.

By wearing this kada, a devotee feels a strong physical and spiritual connection with the deity or the Guru or higher power. This bangle forms a link between the physical body and the soul.

The presence of the divine powers in the bangle is believed to remove all types of problems faced by the person in his life. A devotee gains strength, power and determination to sail through the hurdles with the grace of Almighty. This bangle instills in them a sense of faith, surrender, security and courage to overcome any challenge easily.

Two main types of bangles are diamond kada and gold kada. These bangles provide enhanced protection to the devotee against all sorts of physical, mental or emotional threats and disturbance. Just by wearing it, a devotee can feel a sense of closeness to a Guru or a divine.

In scientific terms, copper is the element that provides body with good amount of resistance power and stabilization. Thus, this bangle stabilizes the cosmic rays present in the atmosphere in the human body.

How bangles beautify the image of the wearer?

Wearing a bangle in your hand enhances your personality and overall look if paired in a proper way. This is one of the loved accessories by men. Thinner bangles give you a more casual and rugged look and are ideal to be worn on the beach or a casual hangout with close ones.

Thick gold bangles are the best to create bold statements. They go well with traditional and Indo-western attire. If you are wearing garments with heavy work, then go for plain bangles with minimalistic work on it.

If you are wearing a simple garment, then mixed metal bangle will look fabulous on you.  If you are wearing bangles for the first time, then you can start with the half bangle. This is good to make a habit without experiencing any discomfort.

Tips to buy men’s bangles

The market is full of different types of bangles in different materials and different designs to represent different culture such as punjabi kada, etc. To make an efficient purchase, it is important to get good knowledge about them.

Get the right size and shape of the bangle. Do a price comparison of the different styles of the bangle. Don’t go beyond your budget. It is advised to go only for branded jewelry stores. This way, you can be sure of the quality, style, finish and durability of the bangle. Ensure that you take the quality and warranty certificate after making the purchase of a bangle.

Bangles have got a great spiritual significance. Besides adding to one’s personality, it also acts a protective shield to the devotee and helps him excel on the spiritual path.