A Step By Step Guide For Buying An Appropriate T-Shirt

T-shirts are an important part of men’s apparel as these are casual, lightweight, and comfortable. Moreover, they are available in various varieties. Nowadays, men can buy T-shirts having a picture, shape, saying or pattern. Our technology has even made it possible to order customized T-shirts as per ones liking with preferred quotations or loveable pictures printed on it.

 How To Choose A T-shirt?

There are various options available in case you are looking to buy a T-shirt. There are various necklines, materials and various fits you can choose from. Following things you must note while choosing a t-shirt.

  • Choosing The Right Size

Before finalising the type of t-shirt that you are going to buy, you must know your exact size. Size can make your t-shirt either look like a tent or one with very small size. While trying a t-shirt or shirt, it’s important to note that its sleeves are lining up exactly over your shoulder’s edge.

 In case it’s large sized shirt, the sleeves will hang off our shoulder. On the other hand, in case it’s very small, the sleeves will lie halfway between your shoulder and neck.

  • Different Fits

T-shirts and short sleeved shirts for men are available in various body fits. It can be a loose fit shirt or one that hugs the person’s torso. It’s entirely up to you which one you want to go with. Perfect fit shirts or T-shirts are usually used during the exercise so that it doesn’t come up or move around much.

On the other hand, loose fitting shirts are wearable on daily basis. However, men having sculpted figure usually wear tight fit shirts for showing off their muscular body.

  • T-Shirt Materials and Fabric

Typically, T-shirts are made from 100 percent cotton, polyester, polyester mesh, cotton blends. Each fabric has its disadvantages and benefits. Pure cotton is soft, natural and comfortable in wearing.

It absorbs body moisture; however it wrinkles and shrinks easily. Polyester is breathable, soft, comfortable and light, it has an additional benefit that it doesn’t shrink or wrinkle, however it has somewhat shiny appearance and is used generally for sporting. One should try camo style hog hunting shirts for such sporty look.

  • Screen Printing

With the help of screen printing, T-shirts can be easily customized to any design or feature. The cost of screen printing is affordable and it provides men with option to wear a shirt which is tailored as per their personality. The affordability of printing on T-shirts make them very famous as the price never gets more than the shirts even after screen printing.

  • Way of Dressing Up T-shirts

After buying a t-shirt, one can accessorize it with other apparels for making it appear more unique or less casual. Accessories give men’s wardrobe various options at affordable price. Accessorizing T-shirt can give a different and fresh look to even old T-shirts.


Hope this guide will assist you in getting a cost effective designer T-shirt. Don’t forget to compare prices. Happy Shopping!