What type of shoes you should wear

Shoes are one of the things that reflect your personality. Although it is used to protect your feet, but the choice of shoe reflects the kind of personality. There is a famous quote about shoes that this is the one thing that people notice unconsciously about you. So this means you should wear something that is worth wearing. If we talk about shoes, there are so many in the market that when you go to buy them, you end up getting confused which one you should buy and which you should not. Following are few things you should remember before getting new shoes:


  1. Before buying a new shoe, remember the function of shoes first. They are used to protect your feet from damage. So they should not be the cause of damage to our foot in any way. Make sure that the shoes you select for yourself is the most comfortable one and it has friendly relation with your feet as well. Otherwise you have to run to different doctors with the sore feet.
  2. You should aim for a comfortable shoe, but this does not mean that you end up having an old style in your feet. Make sure that the shoe you select is the best one and is also stylish too. Go to the internet and check the latest designs and if you don’t have that facility, you can open up your TV and see what type of shoes actresses are wearing in dramas. All the new items are promoted in the TV like this. After doing some searching, then go to the market to have your own shoe.
  3. There are different kinds of shoes for different occasions. You can’t just wear one everywhere you go. Like if you are planning to go to a wedding a stylish pair of soft leather men’s roper boots is good to go. Similarly for women you can always have the option of wearing heels. On occasions like Halloween, you need to look different and you need to have shoes matching your costumes, you just can’t wear any kind of shoes. Before buying the shoes, just keep in mind the type of occasion on which you are planning to wear them. This will help you decide fast and save a lot of your time.
  4. If you are not a heel person and it gives you blisters and swelling every time you wear them, you should consider switching your shoes. Don’t wear pencil heels every time you go somewhere. There are other small heel shoes in the market as well and they are not that difficult to wear plus they look classy too. In a research it has also been proven that it is not healthy to wear high heel all the time. They can weak your muscles and make you vulnerable for bone breakage and muscular problems. So avoid wearing them all the time and have something more comfortable for yourself.