How to Shop Online Like A Pro

The Internet has created a revolution in consumer shopping habits, allowing people to buy everything from their weekly shop to a new pair of jeans from the comfort of their own home. Not only does this make it much easier to compare prices between retailers, but the rise of comparison sites, social media, discount codes, search engines and online auction sites means it’s now easier than ever to get the best possible price for whatever you’re looking to buy.

In this post we’ll look at some of the ways you can ensure you’re getting the best possible dealing, and shopping online like a true pro.

  1. Don’t rush into a purchase

Many retailers will reach out to people who don’t complete a purchase, offering them an incentive to buy what they were looking at. These incentives usually come in the form of a discount, ranging from 5% to an incredible 50%. So the next time you’re buying something, if you don’t need it immediately then try putting it in your basket and leaving it there for a couple of days, you might get a discount code emailed through to you by the retailer, as they try to prompt you to complete your purchase.

  1. Compare!

Before you buy something, Google the product and see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Retailers are always trying to outdo each other, and you may find that you can get the same thing cheaper at another site, or at least get free shipping or discounts off future orders. Spend a bit of time comparing between retailers to ensure you’re getting the best price. Of course if you’re buying something like insurance or a holiday, then price comparison sites will be able to do all the hard work for you, comparing hundreds of sites in just a few minutes.

  1. Try online auction sites

Online auction sites like Ebay are often a good way to save a tidy sum, particularly if you’re not bothered about getting the item you want second hand. Even if you’re looking for something new however, you might still be able to get a better price on an online auction site. Just last week I bought a brand new pair of Oliver Peoples glasses for less than half of their retail price, just by using an online auction site rather than a traditional retailer.

  1. Use voucher codes

Most online retailers use voucher codes as part of online promotions, and they’re not hard to find if you’re happy to do a bit of searching. Before you checkout on your next purchase, quickly search to see if there’s an active discount code you can use to get a percentage of the price, or to at least get free shipping .

  1. Use social media

It’s worth searching on social media to see if anyone else has found the item you’re looking at for a bargain price. People often like to share these kind of purchases and you’d be surprised what you can find. Similarly, follow your favourite brands and sign up to their mailing lists, as they often post deals and discount codes via their social media channels or offer exclusive deals to their email subscribers.

  1. Look for cashback

Many sites offer cashback on purchases, or at the very least offer points via a reward card, which can be used later to get free items, free shipping or money off future purchases. You can also sign up for cashback sites, which will pull together all the best deals available.