Smart Bed Linen Shopping Tips

On average, you spend a third of your life asleep. That is why you should be catching your sleep in maximum comfort and style. Bedding serves two purposes, which are giving your bedroom a beautiful touch and giving you that comfort feeling when you go to sleep. Given that bedding plays an important role in your slumber and bedroom, you need to be keen when purchasing them.

You need to invest in high-quality luxury bed linens. The good thing is that you can choose bed linens from an array of choices available in online stores or at your local store. You can choose different bed linens depending on the fiber, design, thread count, and finish. The best part is that you can shop for the linens online and have them delivered to your doorstep. You just need to settle for a reputable online store then choose the bed linen you want based on your preferences. To make it easier, here is a buying guide for bed linens. You can discover more here on how best to choose bed linens that are cozy enough.

Thread count

Thread count in bed linens refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. Most people assume that the higher the thread count, the softer the bed linen. However, that is not always the case. Lower thread count sheet made from soft fibers feel silkier than high thread sheets made from the low-quality cotton blend. High thread counts mean increased comfort, all other factors held constant.


The type of weave used on a bed linen affects its softness and feel because different types of weaves have different features. Additionally, a higher proportion of vertical threads produce an incredibly soft fabric. Plain weaves are more durable than intricate weaves. However, intricate weaves are more expensive than plain weaves.


Most bed linens are treated with chemicals like chlorine and silicon to ensure that they don’t shrink and that they maintain their shape without wrinkling. Some are even treated with alkalis to give sheen. If you suffer from allergies, consider buying bed linens that don’t have chemicals. Most manufacturers offer pure-finish sheets where all chemical traces have been removed. Other finish-free options for people suffering from allergies or those with chemical sensitivities are organic sheets.


Bed linen manufacturers apply patterns and colors to linens after they have been woven. That means that the bed linens will feel stiff until you have washed them a few times. However, you can also get bed linens that are woven from colored yarns or made of yarn-dyed fabrics. However, note that such linen is a bit expensive.


You have to decide the number of bed linen that you require. However, you can still work with sheets that seem summery. You just need to add a coverlet or blanket to make your bed cozy during winter and fall months.

The shopping guide provided will ensure that you invest well in your next dreamy set. Adhere to the tips listed above to ensure that you shop for high-quality bed linens for the entire family. Don’t forget about pillowcases. Make sure you buy the fitting and matching pillowcases to bring out the best in your bedroom.