Vortex Gravity Water Bong: A New way

The Vortex Gravity Water Bong is truly a piece to be reckoned with; it’s garnered a whole host of critical acclaim, even winning the 2006 High Times Cup.

The Vortex is a truly innovative piece and holds the honor of being the first totally portable water-powered dry herb smoking system. It cleverly uses the force of gravity to push water from one of its chambers to the other to help produces a potent cloud of herb smoke. The genius of The Vortex is in its patented design that uses gravity to filter your smoke between two chambers while simultaneously ensuring that your draw is easy and smooth. Since gravity is doing all the work you’ll find that the Vortex is much easier on your lungs; making your entire smoking experience much more comfortable and relaxing Best of the entire Vortex is eminently portable; its durable body can stand up to the rigors of parties, outdoor adventures and anything else you could possibly throw at it.

Smooth like silk, however with a robust gravity hit, this triumph moveable smoking device is far simpler than your typical two-liter bottle. Designed to maximize actuation potency, Gravity Vortex’s innovative style filters smoke between 2 chambers. The Vortex gravity water bong kills the harshness of your usual suspect homemade contraptions and lets you control the size and rate of consumption via a valve so you can conserve your stash all night long while still getting omega baked. The Vortex Gravity Bong guarantees you less mess, and more smoke! When the valve is released, water drains to the bottom and pressure draws smoke into the top chamber. As you inhale from the top mouthpiece, fresh air mixes in to create a smooth effect, smooth like a vaporizer, but with greater effects and less product.

The first glass smoking device to use powered semiconductor diode lights, the Glow permits users to customise the colour and intensity of their smoke, and options six vivid button-activated, memory-stored colours that compliment the thick glass glass. A glass pinch permits for ice cubes to chill smoke and intensify the sunshine effects, light the glowing volcanic rock lamp-like expertise. It comes with 9-volt battery and screwdriver, Vortex lighter leash and cleanup brush to complete a really distinctive smoking expertise.

Featuring 12-arm percolating tubes and high-quality Pyrex glass-on-glass joints, the Water Spider helps filter and cool smoke by using two reservoirs of water — the downstem draws out particulates, while the top chamber creates bubbles to filter and clean smoke. With quality cobalt blue glass accents, the Scientific Glass is as visually pleasing as it is effective. And at 15 inches tall, this compact, portable, tubular piece of glasswork is not only highly functional, but also a true asset for any collection.

Another innovative technique of smoking, users will freeze the glycerin coil condenser for a chilly clean smoking expertise at a reasonable worth. The corporate believes firmly within the medical movement and has given fusion pipes to dispensaries and medical facilities.

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